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Current Projects

If there are any questions or concerns regarding any of these projects, please contact Campus Construction at 609-771-3234, or email

Security Cameras:  Phase IV of the security cameras project is underway in Cromwell/Decker garage. Work should be completed the spring of 2017.

Chiller Plant upgrades: this project is substantially completed and in close out at this time.

Brower Student Center Renovation and Addition: the new food court has been opened. The next phase is to complete the second floor meeting spaces and associated bathrooms which will be substantially completed and occupied the end of February 2017. The atrium is currently closed to the public and will be until early May. Phase 3 of the project ( the final phase) is under construction (north entrance is closed now). All work will be substantially completed summer 2017.

New STEM Building and Chemistry addition: We have hit the 75% mark of the project and the project is heading toward a summer 2017 occupancy.

Global engagement offices in Roscoe Hall: project was successfully built and occupied in October 2016.

Boiler #1 replacement: bids have been received. Air Permitting has been submitted, and the work in the field will take place over the summer of 2017.

Renovation of the CAPS office suite in Eickhoff Hall: bids are received and contractor is on board. Some work will take place on the outside during spring break. The remainder of the work will take place over the summer of 2017.

Parking garage safety fencing: bids are received. Work in the field will begin to take place end of January. Each garage will have spaces blocked off during the project so the safety fencing can be installed (upper levels only). It should take about 3-4 weeks per garage, starting at Metzger Garage first.

Garage Barrier Construction

STEM Phase II/Chemistry renovations: design is nearing completion. The work will begin this summer and go on for over a year.

Music HVAC Phase II: bids are due the week of 1/16/17. The work in the field will take place over the summer of 2017.

Cogeneration plant controls: work is taking place now for the upgraded controls that serve the system. Most work to be done early spring.

Stadium storage building: the design is just about done. Bidding will be in the spring and work will take place over the summer and into early fall. This building takes place of the small shed like building that exists at the east entrance now, and to replace the under bleacher storage containers.

Trenton roof replacement: documents are nearing completion and bidding will take place this spring. Work in the field will begin late spring/early summer, and continue into the fall. A small construction compound will be created to the right side of the front entrance.

Trenton lower level Nursing Suite renovation: documents are just about done for bidding. This work should be done over the summer of 2017. If not it will be pushed off until the summer of 2018.

Campus fire water piping: UG piping on campus gets replaced and all fire pumps are removed. A campus wide fire pump is installed. Documents are nearing completion so this should be out to bid this spring. Work will take place summer/fall 2017.

Packer south gym: painting, floor refinishing and bleacher repairs and/or replacement will take place over the summer.