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Current Projects

Construction Website Update as of October 12, 2017

 If there are any questions or concerns regarding any of these projects,

please contact Campus Construction at 609-771-3234, or email



Security Cameras: complete and in close out.

Chiller Plant upgrades: complete and in close out

Brower Student Center Renovation and Addition: substantially completed and in close out.

New STEM Building and Chemistry addition: STEM building was occupied on time for the fall semester. The new Forum and Addition to the Chemistry Complex will open in mid-October 2017.

Boiler #1 replacement: should be substantially completed in the field mid-October 2017

Renovation of the CAPS office suite in Eickhoff Hall: substantially completed. In close out.

Parking garage safety fencing: in close out.

STEM Phase II/Chemistry renovations: work has started in September and will continue for the next 18 months through 2018.

Music HVAC Phase II: substantially completed and in close out.

Cogeneration plant controls: in close out.

Stadium storage building: ground has been broken. Work will continue through the fall of 2017.

Trenton roof replacement: completed and in close out.

Trenton lower level Nursing Suite renovation: out to bid in October 2017 for summer of 2018 construction.

Campus fire water piping: just started in the field in October 2017, will continue through 2018 throughout the campus.

Packer south gym: in close out.

Flower Hill Dam removal: draining the pond and removal of the dam head wall is completed. Final landscaping will take place in October 2017.

Cameras phase V: bidding documents being completed to install cameras in the lobbies of residence halls. Should be bid in November 2017, and work will take place into 2018.

Paving project 2017: all base contract work is completed. Extra work to mill and pave along Lake Ceva will take place in October 2017.

Travers and Wolfe Elevator Replacements: scope documents being completed now. Work will take place over the next three summers to replace two elevators each summer starting summer of 2018.

Kendall Hall Lab upgrade: design is being completed now and will get pricing in November so the work can be done over winter break 2017.

Culvert Emergency work: design is being finalized so that contractor can be selected to repair the large culvert wash out at Lake Ceva. Work should take place in November and December 2017

Forcina HVAC Replacement and Rood Replacement: design is being finalized and will be bid in early 2018 for work to take place to replace all HVAC in the building and replace the roof.

Maint. Bldg. Window Replacements: design documents are being finalized now for bidding in early 2018.

Packer Hall Pool Deck Replacement: design documents are being finalized now for bidding in early 2018.

68 Wing of Old Library Roof Replacement: design documents are being finalized now for bidding in early 2018 to be done over the summer of 2018..