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Map and Dates: Campus Fire Water Systems Improvement Project
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Learning, like everything else, is contextual. The surroundings in which students learn and the tools they use influence their experience. Not surprisingly, the College supports its educational aspirations with careful attention to the quality of its facilities. In the first two decade of the 21st century, more than $350 million in ongoing new facilities construction and renovations has ensured that TCNJ students continue to have an environment that not only meets their academic, athletic, social, and living needs but extends their reach- resulting in higher scholarship, better health and fitness, closer community, and greater comfort. The evidence of this focus on high-quality facilities pervades the entire campus.

Recent Additions

Among the more than 38 buildings on campus are many recently constructed facilities, including the Biology Building (2000), the Social Sciences Building (2001), the Science Complex (2002), the Softball and Soccer field complex (2005), new 150,000 square foot Library (2005), New Student Apartments (2009), Art and Interactive Multi-Media Building (2010), and most recently the New School of Education occupied in 2012. New buildings also have been completed recently for the School of Business and the School of Nursing, along with several new townhouse complexes built for upper class students.

We also continue to improve our existing assets with new roofs, finishes, mechanical system upgrades as well as renovations such as the Decker Hall renovation completed in 2011, and Cromwell Hall renovation completed in 2013 and Norsworthy Hall completed summer of 2015.

Upcoming Capital projects include a new STEM complex and the renovation and addition to the Brower Student Center. Both projects are underway and should be completed in 2017.

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